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Books by Meredith Whitford

william shakespeare bed

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The last man well-off, clever and attractive Anne Hathaway needs is the penniless eighteen-year-old son of a disgraced and bankrupt glovemaker. But she shares unhappy William Shakespeare's secret dreams... and she's pregnant with his child. Eight years his senior, she marries him, and soon discovers that to keep her husband's love she must do everything in her power to make his dreams come true.

She and her children endure the boredom of rustic Stratford while William writes and acts in London and tours the country with his troupe of actors, making no secret of his romantic conquests along the way.

Anne can turn a blind eye to his affairs, but when Shakespeare's wayward will takes another turn and he falls hopelessly in love with a dark and dangerous woman, she must apply her devotion and cunning in a way that will defy even history's greatest story-weaver's imagination. Will Anne's desperate risk save their marriage ... or destroy it?


Shakespeare’s Will is an intelligent, literate, fascinating foray into the world so many attempt to imagine regarding the life, love, and creativity of this oh-so-famous playwright, “Will Shakspere.” This is a must-read, terrific novel!

...Meredith Whitford has gathered these facts, along with other tantalizing Shakespearean bits and pieces that have come down to us, to fashion the personal life of the greatest poet in the English language...

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