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Books by Meredith Whitford

treason richard III

It was a time of war. A time of battles. And a time of Treason.

As the Lancastrian forces struggle to win the English crown in the Wars of the Roses, Martin Robsart sees his parents killed and his home destroyed. Orphaned and alone, he grows up to serve his cousins, the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III. And the boy becomes first a man - and then a soldier.

But on the blood-soaked battlefields of the Wars of the Roses, he learns the true cost of loyalty and of love - and of betrayal.

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A gem.


- T A G Hungerford

Sweeping, grand, ambitious … a fascinating historical novel, a wonderful work of fiction, and a romance of ages.’

- Kara L Wolf

Treason is a lesson in history and storytelling, marrying one to the other with skill and bloody effectiveness.

- Richard Foreman, author of Augustus: Son of Rome.

I so much enjoyed reading Treason.


- Elizabeth George, author of the Inspector Lynley mysteries


Never before has perceived history taken such a surprising turn as Whitford corrects the Shakespearean myth and crowns a new hero, bringing back to life the passion and heat of a breathless historical moment that shaped the world - a moment we know as the War of the Roses - a time of thorns and treason.


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