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Books by Meredith Whitford

Missing adoption child

When Jaques Randall's mother, Christina, dies in an accident, his family falls apart. There are shocks, changes, secrets.

Through it all, Jaques's main consolation is his friendship with a woman on the other side of the world, and the 1960s mystery she is investigating. What he doesn't expect is a new love, ancient crimes, and a secret that will shatter everything.


Meredith Whitford's latest novel draws you into a situation that will make you laugh, grieve and wonder, and into a mystery you'll never expect.


Each family member is brought alive by the author, each with their faults, foibles, and secrets; and Whitford draws you into the family circle, so you become a member and react in shock, amusement, and sympathy as each detail in the life of the mysterious Christina is laid bare. How well does one know a parent?

Entertaining and absorbing. Highly recommended.

- Brian Kavanagh, on Amazon

A fascinating book, well written, with humour and unforgettable characters.


- Tess Woods, Winner of Book of the Year for Love at First Flight

While parts of the story are of typical situations most of us can picture, especially the connection to Adelaide, Meredith has cleverly woven in just the right amount of drama, mystery and intrigue to create a novel that provides the escapism and suspension of reality that we all crave in our favourite books.

- Tania Milohis, on Amazon

Mssing Christina
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